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Coaching Approach


Briony partners with her coaching clients to address their professional and personal goals.  She is a strong advocate of using practical strategies to address leadership development requirements and works with her clients closely to design solutions that maximise her client’s strengths and talents.  Given her expertise and background, she is also highly aware of the enormous demands on today’s leaders, and provides her individual clients with best practice, contemporary people management solutions that focus on individual well-being and resilience, together with performance outcomes.

She has been coaching executives for over ten years, predominantly working with leaders to enhance their capacity to engage and connect with others, which includes emotional intelligence, team leadership, leadership brand / image, people development, overcoming conflict, change management and emotional resilience.  

Coaching Process and Methodology 

Briony’s coaching style is reflective of her considerable experience in workplace well-being and psychological health.  She uses a person-centred, solution-focussed approach, and GROW methodology in her coaching partnerships.  She is organised yet flexible in her approach to her clients, and often compliments the coaching process with psychological and leadership assessment methodology to provide her clients with additional insight into their unique strengths and areas for development.  

Coaching expertise areas:

⦁    People leadership, including leadership derailers and development requirements
⦁    Defining your professional / leadership brand
⦁    Building individual / team capability and leading performance through people
⦁    Team dynamics, including managing conflict 
⦁    Enhancing morale and engagement
⦁    Emotional resilience, well-being and work-life balance
⦁    Change and transition management
⦁    Emotional intelligence
⦁    Self-esteem and confidence development
⦁    Career planning
⦁    Professional skill development (facilitating group presentations, influencing and        assertiveness, performance development / management, time management)

Coaching Schedule 

This is highly flexible depending on the coachee’s availability, in addition to the individuals’ background and requirements.  Successful programs have been delivered with weekly, fortnightly and monthly sessions.  

It is also critical to ensure the coach is a good fit with a prospective coachee.  Previous successful strategies include:  


⦁    Opportunity for the coachee to review coach’s professional bio and ask questions
⦁    Casual telephone or face-to-face meeting to discuss process and establish rapport
⦁    Frequent ‘checking-in’ during the coaching process to ensure the coachee is comfortable    with the process and relationship


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